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1805   Lewis & Clark reach the Pacific Ocean.

1820   World human population reaches one billion.

1826   Joseph Nicephore Niepce photographs the first surviving photograph, View From The Window At Le Gras.

1830   Indian Removal Act.

1839   Photography is "founded" when the Daguerrotype is announced and William Henry Fox Talbot publishes his photographic process.

1845   Manifest Destiny is coined.

1847   US postage stamps are first issued.

1849   The Department of the Interior is established.

1854   Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden.

1858   Street letter boxes are installed.

1861   Carleton Watkins photographs Cathedral Rock, Yosemite.

1862   The Homestead Act encourages the settlement of the American West.

1865   William Stanley Jevons questions coal sustainability in publishing The Coal Question.

1866   Ecology is coined.

1872   Yellowstone National Park is established. US Congress makes Post Office an executive department.

1874   Silver gelatin paper becomes commercially available.

1877   German Nikolaus August Otto builds the four-cycle internal combustion engine, the prototype for modern car engines.

1878   Eadward Muybridge photographs The Horse In Motion.

1879   US Geological Survey is established.

1883   Postcards cost four cents.

1884   Kodak Eastman invents flexible paper-based photo film.

1885   First seat belt patent.

1888   Eastman Kodak Company is founded in the United States. "You press the button, we do the rest."

1890   Yosemite & Sequoia National Parks are established.

1898   Postcards cost one cent.

1899   Mountain Rainier National Park is established.

1900   Eastman Kodak introduces the Brownie camera. Steering wheel are designed.

1902   Newlands Reclamation Act is established to fund irrigation projects in the American West. Crater Lake National Park is established.

1903   Horatio Nelson Jackson becomes first documented person to travel from San Francisco to New York using dirt roads, cow paths, and railroad beds. There is 250,000 miles of track compared to 160,000 miles of road and 141 miles of concrete highway. There are 4,000 automobiles in the United States.

1904   Edward S. Curtis photographs The Vanishing Race.

1905   Smog is coined.

1906   Antiquites Act of 1906 designates 18 National Monuments and the United States Forest Service. Alabama sets state maximum speed limit at 8 MPH. 

1907   Roosevelt designates 16 million acres of new National Forests.

1908   First production Model T completed. 

1910   Glacier National Park is established. Asphalt is first manufactured. New York introduces first drunk driving laws. There are 130,000 automobiles in the United States.

1916   The National Park Service is established. 

1917   Nikon is founded in Japan. 

1918   Wisonsin is the first state to adopt a road numbering system.

1919   Acadia, Grand Canyon, & Zion National Parks are established. 

1925   Leica I becomes the first practical and commercially successful 35mm camera.

1926   Routes 66 & 101 are completed.

1927   E.O. Hoppe publishes Romantic America.

1928   Bryce Canyon National Park is established.

1929   Grand Teton National Park is established.

1930   The three way traffic light is introduced. Automobiles reach 26.7 million (1 : 4.5 Americans). Felix Moeschlin and Kurt Richter publish Amerika vom Auto Aus.

1932   Walker Evans photographs Parked Car, Small Town, Main Street.

1934   Great Smoky Mountains and Everglades National Parks are established. Route 40 is completed. James Agee essays "The Great American Roadside."

1935   First color transparency film is introduced (Kodachrome). Shenandoah National Park is established.

1936   The Hoover Dam is completed. Dorothea Lange photographs Migrant Mother. Margaret Bourke-White photographs Fort Peck Dam.

1937   Polaroid is founded in Massachusetts. The Golden Gate Bridge is completed.

1938   Walker Evans' American Photographs draws on a decade of travel and becomes first photographer to receive a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art.

1939   First air conditioning systems are added into cars.

1940   Pennsylvania Turnpike opens.

1944   Federal Aid Highway Act aims to create 40,000 miles to connect the major US cities.

1947   Henri-Cartier Bresson embarks on his American road trip.

1949   Aldo Leopold publishes A Sand County Almanac.

1951   Airbags are invented.

1952   First Walk/Don't Walk signal first installed in New York City.

1953   Robert Rauschenberg creates Automobile Tire Print.

1956   Interstates 70, 80 & 90 are completed.

1957   Interstates 10, 40 & 95 are completed. Jack Kerouac publishes On The Road.

1958   Robert Frank's The Americans is published.

1961   ZIP (zone improvement plan) codes are introduced.

1962   Petrified Forest National Park established. Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring. Wisconsin becomes first state to call for seat belts in all automobiles.

1963   Kodak releases the first point-and-shoot camera (Instamatic). Polaroid introduces instant color film. Postcards cost four cents. Clean Air Act. Ed Ruscha publishes Twentysix Gasoline Stations.

1964   Wilderness Act enacted. Canyonlands National Park established.

1966   Blue Ridge Parkway completed. Department of Transportation established. Guadalupe Mountains National Park established.

1968   Appalachian & Pacific Crest Trails established. Redwood & North Cascades National Parks are established. William Anders photographs Earthrise.

1970   Environmental Protection Agency established by executive order. First Earth Day celebrated April 22nd. 

1971   Arches, Capitol Reef & Voyageurs National Parks are established. 

1973   Endangered Species Act established. Interstate 70 opens from Denver westwards. 

1974   National speed limit set to 55 MPH. CFCs first hypothesized to cause ozone thinning.

1975   Steven Sasson of Eastman Kodak invents digital photography. Postcards cost nine cents.

1977   Final railway postal running.

1978   Postcards - ten cents. Untitled Film Still 21, Cindy Sherman. Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt National Parks established.

1980   Biscayne, Channel Islands, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark, Wrangell-St. Elias & Gates of the Arctic National Parks established.

1981   Postcards - thirteen cents.

1982   Androgyny (6 Men + 6 Women), Nancy Burson.

1984   New York is first state to require seat belts. Michael Jordan, Co Rentmeester.

1985   Postcards - fifteen cents. Route 66 decommissioned. 

1986   Great Basin National Park established.

1987   Human world population - 5,000,000,000. USPS switches from Jeeps to life long vehicles.

1988   American Somoa National Park established.

1989   Exxon Valdez oil spill.

1990   Clean Air Act Amendments.

1991   Postcards cost nineteen cents.

1992   Interstate 70 completed. Dry Tortugas National Park is established.

1994   Joshua Tree, Death Valley & Saguaro National Parks are established.

1995   GPS navigation systems introduced.

1997   First Toyota Prius is sold in Japan. Philippe Kahn photographs First Cell-Phone Picture.

1999   Andreas Gursky photographs #54 99 Cent. Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park established. World human population reaches six billion.

2000   Cuyahoga National Park is established.

2003   Congaree National Park is established.

2004   Great Sand Dunes National Park is established.

2006   Al Gore releases An Inconvenient Truth.

2011   Human world population reaches seven billion.

2013   Pinnacles National Park is established.