An undisputed cornerstone of Instragram is its “public figures”. While some of these are folks in entertainment, politics, and philanthropy, others happen to be dogs and cats with thousands of followers and impressive sponsorships. It’s big business and a cultural phenomenon that shows only signs of happiness. It is in this portfolio that we curate animals adventuring through nature as refuge (often in curious ways).

You may be asking how this supports the mission of Keydon? Have we lost our minds? As artists, those minds are only glass half full on a good day. Because we’ve chosen a dog as our mascot, we find ourselves admittedly biased towards those fuzzy beasts. We also strive to collect imagery that celebrates wilderness. While no money is exchanging hands here our curatorial branch is having a field day. We aren’t your average nonprofit organization; we want to shed light on a corner of the Instagram universe that speaks to the culture we are harboring.

These public figures bring those in the office, at the gym, and lounging on the couch a sense of happiness, connection to nature, and zen. They deserve our recognition. Please do us a favor and follow these incredible makers!