Today text messages are synonymous with cell phones. As all-encompassing as this form of communication seems, its reign is but a small blip in our history.

This portfolio celebrates the physical gift and aesthetic experience that is the postcard. When is the last time you sent one? Considering our obsession with Twitter you'd think we'd be masterful at them. We use the words text messages in ironic reference to the process of sending these similarly intimate, witty, and honest exchanges. The postcard (and cursive) are lost art forms; with voyeuristic pleasure, we present you with purposeful messages that are silly at times and serious at others. 

Keydon's curatorial branch houses approximately 1,500 postcards. They are archival sleeved and kept in darkness after acquisition from online auctions and estates. While conclusions about the date of a postcard can be predicted by material and layout, reproductions make dating them nearly impossible without a post office's stamp of receipt.