WHY DONATE. Keydon provides photographers with money to seek cultural awareness, personal growth, and make new work on the open road. We rely entirely on donations in order to fuel our mission. Your donation may be deducted as tax exempt and shows actionable support for a budding non profit aiming to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Through this website and our Instagram, we provide our donors and fan base with the opportunity to live vicariously through our funded photographers in real time and retroactively. 

HOW TO DONATE. Venmo is a convenient and fee-free platform for Keydon to accept funds instantly. Our handle is @keydonfund. You may also send a check made out to Keydon to 4014 SE Liebe Street, Portland, OR, 97202. You may also utilize the button below to contribute through this website.

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OTHER WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE. Please contact info@keydon.org if any of these sentiments speak to you. We are open to your involvement in ways not even listed so do not hesitate to be in touch.

  • If you have legal, organizational, business, artistic or financial expertise and want to contribute to Keydon’s operational ecosystem.

  • If you have maps, postcards, photographs, letters, or cameras that you think may have value in our archive.

  • If you have feedback on how to improve our branding and social media presence.

  • If you’d like to volunteer your time towards our growth but are not sure what that looks like in practice.